Hassan: How did you learn about all this stuff? Marguerite: Uh, I was 12, and I started with the five basics, which is bechamel, veloute, hollandaise, tomato, espagnole. You have to master those five basic sauces first. Hassan: And you can find all five in the books? Marguerite: Of course, but they're no use in books. You must find them in your heart, and then bring them to your pots. That's the secret. === Papa: Is the President of France able to order murgh masala, with cashew nuts and cardamom? And ka saag aloo? Dal? Our secret family spices? ... Is the President able to order tandoori goat, cooked the way Hassan cooks? Sprinkled with roast spices? === Mallory: What is this flavor that is fighting against the chicken? Hassan: I added some spices for flavor to the sauce, and coriander for garnish and freshness. Mallory: But why change a recipe that is 200 years old? Hassan: Because, madam, maybe 200 years is long enough.