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A singular figure in the annals of the American underworld, Johnny Rosselli's career flourished for an extraordinary fifty years, from the bloody years of bootlegging in the Roaring Twenties--the last protégé of Al Capone--to the modern era of...
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"We see Bob Fosse's legacy everywhere--from Broadway to 'Billy Jean' to Beyonce's moves in the 'Single ladies' video. Yet in spite of Fosse's deep cultural significance, no biography has ever brought him fully to life, unveiling the man behind the...
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"Well-written account of the rise of a well-connected Italian gangster and his influence and associations in the underworld aspects of Hollywood and the movie business, Vegas casinos, Chicago chicanery, Cuban intrigue, and even perhaps the Kennedy ..." Permalink
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DVD - 2008
"One of my all-time favorite movies; a beautifully filmed treat that I can happily watch again and again. Robert Downey Jr. does an outstanding job of embodying Charlie Chaplin, from ambitious young man through to his twilight years. As with all b..." Permalink
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