The midwife
The midwife DVD - 2017 | French

Can you see me in the country? I can't do it. It's not a crime.
-He was a good man. You were too blind to see.
And he was too blind to see me. He was lacking ambition, and he had a foul temper. A little like you.
I'll introduce you to our head midwife, Jean-Christophe Lefébur. Soon we won't say ‟midwife” anymore. The term will be officially replaced by ‟birth technician.”
-So I've heard.
Like pink coats. It's passé! We already have a good hundred midwives, and a team of ultrasonographers, nurses and nurses' aides. But that won't impact your application. To the contrary! We hope to surpass the 4,000 mark this year.
-4,000 births?
Don't worry. You won't have to work weekends. You can have professional training if you like.
-What I'd like, is to put my experience at the service of young pregnant women.
Experience doesn't count much nowadays compared to new technologies. The world is changing! I believe that tomorrow's medical world will barely resemble the one you knew.

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