The final book in the Waves of Freedom series, "When Tides Turn" is another fantastic read. I seriously felt withdrawal from Sundin's books after completing this one, yet I couldn't bring myself to start another of her series too soon! I still want to savor this one! Sundin is an incredible author, and one of my new favorites.
I was very excited to learn that "When Tides Turn" follows the stories of Dan and Tess/Quintessa. I was always intrigued about Dan in the first two books, hoping that someone would help him shed his too-serious demeanor and enjoy life a little more. Tess was the perfect fit for that job! As they investigate what appears to be an undercover Axis spy, Tess and Dan realize they might have gone too far with their sense of duty this time.
What I love most about Sundin's books are that each character is unique. There are no cookie-cutter profiles, and she is adept at portraying each person with individual traits and flaws (and maintaining those character profiles over the course of several books). Writing this review almost a month after finishing the novel, I can still remember all the characters and events vividly; they feel as familiar as old friends. I even feel a tug of sadness that I can't rejoin their adventures; that I won't know how the rest of their lives play out. I can also honestly say that I learned a great deal about history while I read this series, and felt inspired in my own life by the characters' growth in personality and faith. And *that*, I believe, is the mark of excellent writing. To move your readers enough to make a difference in their own lives. To leave them with something that makes a mark on their heart, soul, and mind. To etch a pattern in their way of thinking, and a warmth in their gut that returns at the mere mention of the title. And Sundin does that.
Highly recommended.

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