I'm watching the terrific Zoo Season One which was based on this book. The Video is much improved, likely work by screen writers. Quote samples of why my 2 star rating:
The terminal was filled to capacity, crowded with tourists coming in from evacuated safari camps. The air buzzed with fear and nervous excitement. The tourists looked scared and confused, though I was glad to see that many of them were texting. With the threat of a government cover-up looming, I hoped word of this craziness was already leaking to the press.
“The first step,” I said, “would be removing the factors that are causing the environmental disturbance.” “Remove petroleum products?” said the president. “And cell phones?” said the secretary of state. I nodded at both of them, then looked out at the faces around the table and on the screens.” “Desperate times, ladies and gentlemen,” I said. “Here’s what I think we should do.”

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