Canaan : the Complete Collection

Canaan : the Complete Collection

DVD - 2010
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Colors have scent. Sounds possess images. In a future world, where biochemical weapons have changed the game, an unlucky few have their senses blended.
Publisher: [United States] : Sentai Filmworks, c2010
ISBN: 9781616150990
Branch Call Number: DVD Canaan
Characteristics: 2 videodiscs (325 min.) : sd., col. ; 4 3/4 in


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X_andor_Who Apr 23, 2014

Ample apologies as there was no more room in other sections. Tags Summary: violence, martial arts, guns, senses, drama, fighting, action, terrorism, terrorists, biological weapons, biological viruses, photography, news reporting, strong language, cat’s cradle, strings of fate, existentialism, repetition in words, noir, names are important, true names, spirit names, I am what I feel and think I am at any given time, hatred cannot fight hatred. -X; Who

X_andor_Who Apr 23, 2014

Episode 2: *While fighting on a moving bus roof, Caanan and an Old Crazed Man fight it out*…… Old Crazed Man: “I’ve got you cornered”……Caanan: “No. I’m going to go have fun with Maria (later on)”……Old Crazed Man:”Have fun?...You mean have WARGAMES!!!”……Caanan: ”No. I saw something like this on tv:……”……Old Crazed Man: “You ain’t hittin’ me at all!”……Caanan: ”Japanese girls like to have tea, go shopping…oh, and…oh…that’s right…*Caanan throws her weapon at the Crazed Old Man’s feet, to where he leaps up into the air and lands into a power-line, thus shocking himself to death…and Caanan finishes her words about what Japanese girls like to do*……Caanan: “And (they like)…doing cat’s cradle.”

X_andor_Who Apr 23, 2014

Episode 3: Maria: “This sundae is awesome”……Caanan: “You say awesome a lot, Maria”……Maria: “I know, but…*Maria sighs and melancholically says*…”…well, it is awesome”……Maria: “You know, sometimes I get disappointed in myself”…”I just seem so average compared to them (the others)”…*Maria says, she thinks that everyone else is so amazing and that she is not*……Caanan: “I don’t think your average, Maria”……Maria: “You don’t?”……Caanan: “You’re awesome; awesomely calming; awesomely fun; awesomely pretty”……Maria: “Stop…You’re just making fun of me”……Caanan: “What are you saying?”…”how much you eat is awesome”…”Your antennae (hairs sticking up) are awesome”…*Maria blushes*

X_andor_Who Apr 23, 2014

Episode 4: Caanan: “Their burning”…”the blue fires, are burning”……… Caanan: “I love them”…”weapons, I mean”…”I love them”…”they have no color”………Caanan: ”I hate the sun because its blue”…”That’s the color of hatred”…”If I find a blue aura”…”an enemy is sure to be there” [The vernacular awareness exhibited via Caanan, were the things that I had liked about her; it took me eons of previous incarnations to come to these kind of conclusions…that one is an artist…that one is a poet, reading thru senses and taking them, molding them into works of one’s own being]

X_andor_Who Apr 23, 2014

Episode 12: [Ghost/Vision/Memory-of Sion is saying to Caanan]: Sion: “Just look”… ”See things…how they are”…… Both Sion and Caanan simultaneously say: “the way that they are.”


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X_andor_Who Apr 23, 2014

Frightening or Intense Scenes: Most interesting are the deathly creations, via human experimentations, and via pathogenic virus mutations, bringing bane, blight, and damnable, damnations. -X; Who

X_andor_Who Apr 23, 2014

Violence: It having very, visceral, violent scenes, being bunches of blood, guts, and gore... thru guns, gun shots, and more. Not much more, imagination, left to be seen. -X; Who

X_andor_Who Apr 23, 2014

Coarse Language: Been awhile since I last watched and listened to Canaan's anime. But I'm fairly certain and fairly sure that there were some cases of crass, crude cursing, being grown among seedy and soiled, scripted sections and scenes. -X; Who


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X_andor_Who Apr 23, 2014

Caanan: (Japanese anime; Entire Series; Episodes 01-13); Opening Song Theme (OST) and Closing Song Theme (EST): The OST was lively livid and vehemently vivid in verve and in song verse. The OST had pep in its step. Caanan’s OST had a countdown when introducing its characters, similar to that of the “Planet of the Beast King” animated series. The EST was engaging and emotionally melancholic like a nostalgic alcoholic. I thought and felt the ending EST to be somber, austere, and saddening. The EST’s static screen picture of Caanan and that other girl made me feel and then think that we’re all stringless, nomadic marionette dolls …cept’ ours strings are more metaphorical bindings, binding ourselves to one another and the world around ourselves.
Animation: In many of the shows fight scenes, there were flurries of fast feats flowing thru continuous action. Since the shows basis seemed to be about and based on the senses, I felt that the emotions portrayed were well displayed.
Story Music: Piano played per sad and slower scenes. Violins violently played per very vivid scenes. I thought that some of the quiescent scenes were promptly and aptly played.
Voice Acting: I went with the English spoken tract. I liked the vocal energies being provided per the appropriated scenes. I felt the emotions were beautifully captured even if I could not clearly understand what story-wise was being performed.
English Audio/Written Script: At times, the language was strongly gruff, having some uncouth and well-known, curse words.
Characters: Relatable? Yes, because I am you, and you are me, and we are we. Yes, because I am a mirror to your world, and you are a mirror to mine own. All my possibilities and actualities are your possibilities and actualities. One has just to see it with their open mind and body.
Extra thoughts; things of interest: (1) I must recommend the Minorkawa’s Report found in the extras section of the first DVD as this I had found summarized the first half of the Caanan series. (2) I thought the “Snake” terrorist faction to be a probable reference to the similarly named terrorist group in the GI Joe cartoon series. There seems to be many ties to snakes in stories of this I have noticed. After awhile, I suppose, everything and anything can somehow be related and be seen as having ties with something. (3) I’m not sure what was up with the crazy, carefree cab driver; but he had an interesting moment when he flew his cab thru the sky, falling down on top a ten story building’s parking garage. (4) I thought and felt Caanan to show the joys and sadness of us, who and whom are lonely and independent vessels of unknown and unread reality. (5) I thought and felt Caanan to have haunting beauty and sadness, it regarding existence and supposed sensed forms of said humanity. (6) I think that Caanan showed the concept that “I am what I feel; and I am what think; and I am all these things at any given time”. (7) I believe the Pools of our own Reflection to be the source of our own clarity and confusion; a pool of never ending emotion. (8) This pertains to my mood lately, so I’ll include it: It could be said that I’ve been physically withdrawn for awhile [for various reasons]; and I’ve just finished several stories and their respected series; I’m tired and people around me offer no solace; I suppose it is natural to feel confused on a consistent basis when no others can relate back to one’s [mine own] universe. (9) Caanan, I thought showed the value, merit, and worth of one’s existence. (10) Caanan, I thought and felt tried to show how one tries to figure out the extent of one’s self, regarding his/her/its senses and regarding the lack of supposed senses. Continued in Summary Section.


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X_andor_Who Apr 23, 2014

Extra, Extra Thoughts That couldn’t fit within the Comments Section: (11) From my experiences, life can be confusing; and when we as Narcisis are always looking into a pool of our own reflection, we will always seemingly get more confused. (12) I know it was not fair to the series Caanan, but I was rushing to finish Caanan, so as to be able to return it to the library the next day. So, I did fall asleep [for natural reasons] while watching and listening to this series. I awoke during the last episode, but I did dutifully make effort to rewatch, and so I went back to juncture where I had initially passed off into somniferous sleep (13) I feel that stories are the only things that exist in this world, and yet I believe that nothing is real. For one to live, I feel that stories do not have to be believed as actually have had occurred; I believe stories are created thru one’s perception to relate self to one’s surroundings. So when one can see one’s awareness… one will relate oneself to anything… and one will continue to ask self, “what am I and what is anything?” (14) I do wish, however, that the outside world would somehow come to a conclusion to tell stories more effectively. But, perhaps that really is as much my fault. I suppose the more I write here in this space, the more arrogant I will look or be. The more I think and feel in my pursuing life, the more I think and feel that I have outlived my usefulness and I have outlived limits and limitless concepts of mine and others’ own crafting. I write because I can; I write because it is my practice; I write to relate myself to myself; I write to relate myself to others; I do this so that I can relate. (15) The only true thing that matters to me that I have found is to selflessly care for others no matter if they try to hurt me/you/us/him/her/it. There seems to be a tremendous amount of orphans out there amongst all supposed creatures [of one’s self], whom come into this world without any place to call home. So, all one, such as me or any supposed me, can do best, is to act as a beacon, and give one’s all, even to one’s dying breath. These are values and traits that I most cherish in these waning, Ragnorok days of my life. There are many that seem to be constantly moving and talking without silence and rest, so my gift to others these days, is vocal silence; to go on journeys of silence… even if and when people around me are saying horrible words to me and are saying rumors about me. And so this is how I can better relate to so many others outside myself. This anyway helps me to grasp that I am imaginary… and that is the only way a being like me can exist. (16) The more I partake in other people’s performances, the more confused I get about many things. I know in my mind, in my senses… and I have felt this strongly for some time: the ways of extreme humility are the only ways to feel life and all the simple/complex personas of all its supposed creatures. So I will refrain for the moment and hold myself in sedentary, sitting staying repose, returning back to seemingly, a cyclical, and never ending and same played out eternal day, an eternally non-read, non-fully-understood story of my own day. I did feel Caanan to be a very beautiful and resonating piece. Rating: 4.7/5.0… for its sensual uniqueness and character point of view interaction; Xandor Who


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