Capricorn One

Capricorn One

DVD - 2008
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When the head of NASA's manned Mars mission discovers that the capsule meant to carry the astronauts will suffer a catastrophic failure, he forces them to participate in a hoax by broadcasting their 'Mission' from a studio built at an abandoned air force base. Over many months, the astronauts are forced to film broadcasts on their progress. They find out that they are to die upon re-entry. An investigative reporter gets wind that something is amiss and begins to put the pieces together.


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Apr 05, 2019

I very much like this movie. It has action, suspense and conspiracy.

The version I just watched was Blu-Ray and the picture quality was very good.

[The Mustang crash scene, I'm certain was used in the Six Million Dollar Man.]

{Quite unfortunately; there was way too much smoking, don't know how you could be in a room filled with that much smoking... It somewhat boggles the mind.}

To me, the movie is intriguing. It, I'm sure, is posturing at the moon landing being Hollywood; rather than NASA.

caleherreman Jan 31, 2019

Enjoyable thriller and speculative fiction with some cracking dialogue. The premise starts with a faked Mars landing by NASA, but quickly becomes a fight for survival for the earthbound astronauts. There's a lot of thematic material here about the power of imagery and manipulation, but a lot more plot material about an out-of-control government conspiracy, led by a cold-as-ice Hal Holbrook, that will kill to keep its secrets. Great work by Eliot Gould as the journalist who stumbles onto this, James Brolin as the lead astronaut, Brenda Vaccaro as his wife, and Telly Savalas as a hard-bargaining cropduster. The climax was exciting, but the ending was more than a touch cheesy.

Nov 17, 2018

If I pointed out every RIDICULOUSLY ABSURD thing in this film
(in the Premise, Story, Script, Scenes, Dialog, & Situations),
my review would be 200 pages long. NOTHING in the things just listed are even remotely plausible.
And I mean this relatively speaking, even for a Movie! This isn't just a situation of "suspending belief" for a film's sake. To say everything in it is absurd, would be the understatement of all time! It's so far over that, that in my opinion, it's not watchable, though I did watch it. Of course, it has the usual suspects & villains, and per Follywood, it's really a statement about politics. Which is why it's so baseless, even as imagination. Again, the total absurdity of everything in it, and the fact that NOTHING in it is even plausible within the confines of it's own script, is a testament to how off base the narrative to their ideology is. Don't waste your time or be "taken in" by the Adventure, Suspense, Chase aspect. (Adventure, Suspense, Chase, Mystery, etc., are always & only good when there is a consistently believable foundation.)

Oct 13, 2018

One of the first movies to get the general public to question if man has been to outer space, or was it all filmed here on a soundstage?
For example, the past decade NASA shows photos of MARS from a rover, and yet, the terrain looks identical to many spots on our planet.
see : NASA mars project in Greenland. (edit: youtube deleted the account).
see : former NASA software engineer reveals clear evidence that the Mars rovers are not, in fact, on Mars at all.

Is this like the moon mission where we didn't really go to except in the studio?

Jan 20, 2016

Oddly enough, The US government banned the original from VHS to DVD and on You Tube as well.. "What cover-up?" or for any conspiracy theorists. The US hates to be embarrassed by Hollywood!
Please observe the subtle nuances in the manner in which the "spooks" go around and eradicate the "snitches"... def a cult classic!!
"Censorship? my sorry arce." lol

Oct 24, 2015

Hal Holbrook, Elliot Gould, Tellie Savalas, all young helping to create the basis for the widely held opinion the US never sent men to the moon. A surprisingly watchable movie.

Jun 23, 2015

I liked the story of this movie and overall feel for the movie. I would have enjoyed it way more if I had seen it in the 70s, very dated. So funny watching OJ and his 3 lines in the movie!! Also why do the helicopters turn to face each other???

Mar 25, 2015

ONe of my favourite movies of the 70's and 80's. A genuine " what if" movie that has very good acting, a good story line, suspense, and humour.
Holds up to this day. Highly reccomended.

NewYorkViews Oct 13, 2014

Excellent sci-fi and thriller about NASA and an empty Mars launch leaving the astronauts to run for their lives. It reminded me of that great political thriller film, The Parallax View, even though the content is totally different. The very end of Capricorn One seemed a bit contrived, but other than that, it was quite excellent.

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