A Minute To Midnight

A Minute To Midnight

eBook - 2019
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Oct 14, 2020

It is surprising how a male author can actually get inside the head of a female leading character, but Baldacci has that gift. This one was very unlike any of the other novels I've read from him, and I really enjoyed the read. Tough to put down.

Oct 02, 2020

Baldacci is a master story teller. This may not have been one of his best but, still very good. Baldacci books are always entertaining and filled with tension and excitement.

Aug 09, 2020

4 -4 /2 read. The second book in Baldacci's Atlee Pine series was a very good read. Atlee returns to her roots to try to discover what happened to her sister Mercy all those years ago. When she gets there, people start getting murdered. Is the serial killer connected to Mercy's abduction or something else entirely? And why does Atlee have the feeling that everyone in town is keeping secrets from her about that abduction? An interesting read and a good set up for book #3 in the series.

Jul 02, 2020

I was more interested in the storyline involving Agent Atlee Pines's search for her abducted sister than the murders in her hometown which she ended up investigating after returning to her hometown to re-visit her old home where the abduction had taken place when both children, twins, had been 6 years old. That storyline remains unsolved and most likely will be the kernel plot for the next title in the Atlee Pine series. Just as I was losing interest in the second storyline, about 3/4's way through reading this novel as no clues seemed to be forthcoming to its solution, the action picks up - car chases, chases on foot, shoot-outs, child abduction, house explosion, personal risks - but the motives of the bad guys, when they are quickly put forward towards the conclusion, just seem to be over the top - too much detail too late in the story. These characters had not even been presented as dark quirky, possible suspects until the very end. If you don't have time to read the whole book, just read the first couple of chapters and the last couple of chapters - you'l get the essence of the novel.

Jun 19, 2020

I love this character Atlee Pine. This was a very entertaining read. I look forward to the next Atlee Pine novel.

Jun 18, 2020

I’ve already read, can I cancel it?

Mar 06, 2020

Will look forward to the next in series.

Feb 28, 2020

Again, like the previous Atlee Pine story, not one of Baldacci's best. Pines' search for her sister leads to a long , drawn-out and convoluted plot involving a local serial killer, which gets excruciatingly tedious. Not much was acheived in the search for her mother or sister, but she does uncover one surprising fact about herself. I assume this one was just the precursor to the next in the series. All in all I prefer the John Puller and King and Maxwell series.

Feb 18, 2020

It's a Baldacci book, the second in the Atlee Pine series. The two storylines are tangential but intertwined, as Atlee goes home to investigate her past. Ancillary characters get some more meat on their bones, as does Atlee Pine's back story. The pace, like all of his books, is page turning, and the plot is convoluted and contorted. Considering the author's prolific output, any flaws in the plot are incidental. I look forward to more Baldacci, and if it's Atlee Pine, that is OK by me.

Feb 18, 2020

This is the second in the Attlee Pine series. The book begins with a show of strength by FBI agent Pine and goes on with her desire to solve her three decade old mystery of how her twin, Mercy was abducted. She goes back home only to step into a quagmire of murders. Will she solve anything at all? Not a bad book.

Jan 23, 2020

Have never been disappointed when reading one of his stories. great story line and i look forward to seeing more of this.

Jan 20, 2020

This is the 2nd book in this series. Like the first book, it was just OK for me. What keeps me reading is the mystery of what happened to Atlee’s sister. The main mystery of a local serial killer did not interest me much and was drawn out far longer than needed. We only get a small amount of additional info regarding the sister, but once again the book ends leaving me intrigued enough that I will probably keep reading the series until her sister is found.

Jan 16, 2020

This book was a really quick read, as are many of David Baldacci's books. There were basically two storylines: Atlee Pine searching for answers on the abduction of her twin sister, and a series of murders in a small town in Georgia. Throughout most of the book she never seems to really get traction on events around her sister's abduction but is able to get past a bunch of red herrings in tracking down the source of the murders. I found her main search for her sister to be more of a distraction than an interesting story that plays off of, and enhances, the other story. Atlee Pine makes a decent protagonist but I find some of Baldacci's other heroes (John Puller and Will Robie) a little more interesting. She seems more like version 2.0 of Michelle Maxwell from one of the author's previous series.

Jan 01, 2020

Very typical Baldacci but with less twists, turns and intrigue. The storyline is much simpler than his previous stories. The story is good but read very quickly. Most people will enjoy reading this story. I was drawn into the story but there was no surprise(s) for me.

Dec 28, 2019

Excellent story. Characters are wonderful. Should read the books in order though. Looking forward to the next in this series.

Dec 16, 2019

With A MINUTE TO MIDNIGHT we have the 2nd book in David Baldacci's series starring FBI Agent Atlee Line. This series is a bit different than a usual series where the main character solves new crimes in each installment. In the first Atlee Pine book, LONG ROAD TO MERCY, we see an FBI agent doing her job, but also consumed with trying to find out what happened to her sister Mercy, when Atlee was nearly beaten to death and her twin sister just disappeared at the age of 6. In this 2nd book, she is granted some leave time to go back to the place where the twins were separated to try and unearth what actually happened so many years earlier. While there she finds herself also drawn into a web of what appears to a serial killer at work. Ultimately these two lines of investigation have a connection and at the end she learns a startling new fact about her own history that most definitely sets up book #3 in this series. I hope Baldacci gets to work and that book is published soon - can't wait. Lots of twists and turns, lots of characters, and great development of the key character, Atlee Pine (as well a former FBI partner and her current FBI Admin Assistant). Great read, enjoy!

Dec 08, 2019

I really like this new series featuring Atlee Pine. This was a good story as Atlee goes searching for information on her family and while doing so comes across a murder. I would recommend the read.

Dec 05, 2019

Good story - and it is interesting to get to know Altee and her history better. Baldacci continues to keep us entertained with his stories and characters. Never disappointed in his books. Now we have to anxiously wait for the next chapter in her story.

Dec 03, 2019

Excellent story! Held me throughout. Lots of potential seemingly viable suspects. Love his stories.

Nov 27, 2019

In this, the saga of FBI Agent Atlee Pine, continues. She returns to her hometown to reopen the investigation of her twins disappearance and is drawn into an apparent serial killers beginning a series of staged killings that make no sense except to the disturbed killer! During this reign of killings Agent Pine finds out something that shakes up her memories of her childhood!

Nov 24, 2019

When will the EBook be available? Soon, I hope.

debwalker Nov 14, 2019

Baldacci's second thriller with FBI Agent Atlee Pine.

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