Pulitzer Prize

A group of awards presented annually in the U.S. for excellence in fiction, drama, history, biography and general non-fiction.

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Cost of Living
Cost of Living
Cost of Living
Book Winner, Drama, 2018
Nominees: Martyna Majok
Book - 2017 Winner, Poetry, 2018
Nominees: Frank Bidart
811.54 Bi
Available in some locations
Book - 2017 Winner, Fiction, 2018
Nominees: Andrew Sean Greer
FIC Greer A
Available in some locations
Locking up Our Own
Book - 2017 Winner, General Non-fiction, 2018
Nominees: James Forman Jr.
364.973 Fo
Available in some locations
Prairie Fires
Book - 2017 Winner, Biography, 2018
Nominees: Caroline Fraser
B Wilder L Fr
Available in some locations
The Gulf
Book - 2017 Winner, History, 2018
Nominees: Jack E. Davis 
909.0963 Da
Available in some locations
Blood in the Water
Book - 2016 Winner, History, 2017
Nominees: Heather Ann Thompson
365.9747 Th
All copies in use Availability details
Book - 2016 Winner, General Non-fiction, 2017
Nominees: Matthew Desmond
339.46 De
Available in some locations
Book Winner, Poetry, 2017
Nominees: Tyehimba Jess
eBook - 2017 Winner, Drama, 2017
Nominees: Lynn Nottage
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